Posted by: dhkrause | August 22, 2012

Where did Cain (or Seth) Find a Wife?

The question, “Where did Cain (or Seth) find a wife/” is an easy one to answer – he and the other sons of Adam and Eve chose wives from among the daughters.  Marriage between a brother and sister was not unhealthy or banned until many centuries later when the human genome was so significantly degraded due to the accumulation of small mutations caused by radioactive hits that marriages between close relatives became prone to unhealthy offspring.  This also relates to the decline in the human life span that occurred after the flood, possibly due to removal of protective watery layers in the upper atmosphere at that time.  John Sanford’s book, Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome  provides details of scientific studies regarding the decline of the human genome, and how this relates to the declining human life span. Medical technology and good nutrition can extend the life span in wealthier nations; however, each generation starts with a worse set of genes than the last.  A fuller answer to this question may be found in the following article: Cain’s Wife – Who was She?.

David Krause,, 12/29/2011

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