Posted by: dhkrause | September 13, 2012

Tears from the Fire

What does the poetic phrase, “tears from the fire” suggest to you? This is what it calls to mind for me.

The third word in the Hebrew Bible, and first name given for God, is “Elohim”, which according to Dr. Yonathan Fass in his book, “Creation’s Heartbeat” means “The God who laments”.

In this book Dr. Fass also explains how the first 16 letters of the Hebrew Bible contain embedded words conveying a recurring Biblical theme, namely that the Creator, knowing there would be a breach in relationship due to the errant decisions of those made in His image and likeness, aims to restore relationship through a sacrificial covenant that includes the Son of God dying in our place and rising again.  This restoration depends upon the decision of individuals to receive this sacrifice and to enter into His offered covenant of love.

One of the words embedded in these first sixteen letters is the Hebrew word for “fire”, speaking of passion and sacrifice, and hinting at the later explicit declaration, “Our God is a consuming fire.”

In short, Elohim weeps tears from the fire for those who have not yet received the redemption paid for by His Blood.

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