Posted by: dhkrause | January 9, 2013

Requirements for Deep Spiritual Fellowship

“One of the greatest blessings in this life on this side of heaven is deep spiritual fellowship.  It is what our Father wants for His children to experience in the church!  It is a good thing!” – Carmella Gillons

The following are some requirements, and possible concerns, for deep spiritual fellowship to blossom and continue.

1. The Holy Spirit will not permit deep spiritual fellowship to continue if either party makes an idol of the communications allowing them to displace in his/her heart the adoration and worship due only to God.

2. He will not permit deep spiritual fellowship to continue where one party has an unresolved issue of sin.   He will cause the communications to cease, and will inform the offending party, “You will not pollute my daughter/son”.  Just as to abide with our Lord one must walk worthy of Him, one can only abide in a deep spiritual fellowship with a sister or brother by living in a manner worthy of friendship with His precious daughter or son.

3. The Holy Spirit may intervene if either a husband or a wife gets into close spiritual relationships with someone else.  Carmella Gillons who led marriage groups, conferences and retreats with her husband for many years writes:

“Here was the problem we ran into.  If the wife didn’t have that same deep fellowship with her husband or the other way around, they often sought it from someone else without realizing it.  In other words it filled a need – a void – in their lives.  Based on over 20 years of that kind of ministry, it influenced our lives and how we counseled the couples about the things that may be lawful but not expedient.”

Based on these years of ministry experience, she recommends being cautious to not be a hindrance unknowingly in another couple’s marriage, especially if one has no idea about their level of spiritual intimacy.  She writes,

“I would rather err on the side of caution and not take a chance in displeasing Abba or hindering a brother.”

There are other requirements and possible concerns one may encounter.  A vital rule of safety is to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in each relationship and to obey His voice implicitly.

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