Posted by: dhkrause | August 4, 2014

Grand Canyon Salvations

From Russ Miller, Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries
Quarterly Newsletter, August, 2014,

God provides the harvest
On one of our recent Grand Canyon Rim & Raft tours, during which we play many of Russ’ DVDs and reveal original creation rock, judgment layers and more, our bus driver and his wife began the trip by telling us they were “spiritual.”  At the end of the tour, over the bus’s PA system, they announced they now know Jesus is Who they have been seeking.  God is good.

You Can’t Top God
A raft guide on a recent Rim & Raft tour was very combative, arguing as I shared how the biblical view of the Canyon bested the secular misinterpretations of geology.  Well, two weeks later he was again one of our guides and I expected more of his opposition.  Instead he explained the Canyon from a biblical perspective and said he was a Christian!  (I was blown away!)

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