Posted by: dhkrause | February 26, 2018

Mitsie Inspired by the Wind

The colors of the grass and foliage were bright and pleasing on this recent stroll.

Suddenly a strong wind arose, bending all the trees.  When the gust subsided, our cat Mitsie seemed to be inspired by the wind to show strength and energy of her own, running from one end of the yard to the other, and then racing full speed up to a high branch on our Chinese elm.

After taking these photos, I called Marla to take a look.  She chastised her saying, “That is not a good place for you to be. You are not a squirrel!”  Mitsie meowed plaintively, as if to say, “Aw, Mom…”.  Marla thought this was a cry for help to get down, but as we reached for the extension ladder, she came racing down as fast as she had climbed up.  Our little cat, more than 10 years old, is still full of surprises!

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