Posted by: dhkrause | May 14, 2019

He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels

Matthew 26_53

He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels

This morning I woke up with this chorus going through my mind.  It turns out that the author of the song, Ray Overholt, was not saved when he wrote it.  He describes how the song brought him to the Savior:

“Sometime later I found myself singing at a small church. I sang ‘He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels’.  Following my singing, a preacher spoke a message that gripped my heart. I knew I needed Christ. So I knelt there and accepted, as my Savior, the One whom I had been singing and writing about.”

You can read the full story behind the song at the link above.

Here are two outstanding renditions:

Ten Thousand Angels – Stephen J. Nasby – with lyrics

Ten Thousand Angels – Jamie & Karen

David Krause,, 5/13/2019,

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