Posted by: dhkrause | July 25, 2021

Prayer Turns Things Around

Don’t fret. Pray!

One evening as I left my office in downtown San Francisco, I broke into a run, hoping to cover several blocks in record time to catch the last bus home. Turning the final corner I saw the bus had pulled out and was turning the corner about a block from me. Instead of fretting or worrying, I obeyed the Holy Spirit leading me to pray, “Father, this last bus has pulled out two minutes early leaving me stranded. The driver should not have done that! Please help him to know he’s made a mistake, and have him go back around the block and pick me up.”

A few minutes later I saw the same bus turn the corner behind me and then pull up to the stop. I happily climbed aboard, paid my fare and sat down next to a woman on the front seat across from the driver. She turned to me and said, “That was amazing! I’ve never seen that happen before. Just after turning onto Market street, the driver said, “I think I left a couple minutes early. I’m going to go around the block in case I left someone behind.” 😃

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